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(Neighboring Rights & Publishing)

A primary management in this business of rights and publication of the product is the editorial administration of the compositions and the right of the works at the digital level. It is required to manage all the necessary documentation for each composition, to register the works, and to make sure that all the components that created the work are monetizing their fair share for those played worldwide. A complex task and that there are our services that include:


- Management of Split sheets, producer agreements and artist collaboration agreements

- Author records

- Registration of works in any authors' society

- Collect composition royalties on YouTube globally

- Collect digital royalties from the performer(s) of a phonogram and the Phonogram Rights Holder worldwide

- Transcription of song lyrics for different records

- Preparation of metadata

- We provide ISRC and UPC codes

- YouTube Content ID / Fingerprint so that your content is digitally discoverable.

- Preparation of label copies and one-sheets with the correct metadata.


For more information about any of our services, contact us.

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