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The platform known as YouTube is becoming one of the most important tools for artists and content creators every day. Being a source of income, it is important that the content that is published is protected and ready to be properly monetized. YouTube monetization depends on the number of clicks on your ads and the amount of time people see on your ads.


At GLAD Empire we have a network dedicated to the monetization and optimization of YouTube and VEVO channels. Using "Content ID", we protect your video so that it is discoverable within the platform and thus be able to identify the specifics of your content. Likewise, we can prevent other users from publishing your content using the "Block Policy". At GLAD we can help you create content that captures the public's attention in the following way:


- Video production: We have a video and photography studio available to our clients, where with the help of our dedicated staff, a high quality video can be produced.


- YouTube Analytics and AdSense: Our team helps you understand the analytics of your YouTube channel so that you know if your content is reaching the right audience. If you see that your channel is standing out, we recommend using Google AdSense, Google's advertising platform, to bring your content to more people.


- Promotion and Positioning: We also help you create a direct promotion plan from your social networks to create more impact of the content. We also have the ability to position your content within important lists within YouTube, where more audience is generated for your content.


- Monthly accounting of income paid via PayPal or direct deposit to your bank account.

For more information about any of our services, contact us.

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