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GLAD Empire is a worldwide digital distribution, audio streaming, publishing management, sync licensing, video / audio monetization and digital content management company established since 2006 in Orlando Florida.


In our distribution platform which is considered by experts as avant-garde, in where our clients have the largest and best placement of their product in stores and digital services. We are a team of distribution experts in a total of more than 26 countries, with total and direct access to all the most lucrative digital platforms including also all the minimally relevant but equally effective to reach projection around the world.


With more than 13 years of experience in this field, we have been successfully characterized by our specialty, quality and commitment in the development of each project, serving each client individually, planning and directing each launch and marketing campaign to the public or corresponding market. and at the rate that each product needs.



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Our priority at GLAD Empire is that the artist or independent product has the opportunity, no matter at what moment they are, to have high-end services from the initial stage such as their structuring, production, administration and marketing of all their digital content. . With us you will receive proven and complete services including promotion and public relations plans, design of concepts in quality graphic art and at the speed needed, video production for all budgets and production or advice for your music or high-end commercial. In short, everything necessary to become an independent owner of a final product with greater projection and value in the entertainment market.

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